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Charity Trustees and Safeguarding

11 April 2018

In the light of recent revelations relating to some of our bigger and well respected charities, trustees of all charities will naturally be concerned and asking questions about their own safeguarding procedures.


A sensible place to start, is to know the responsibilities of trustees themselves.  The Charity Commission provides guidance aimed at charity trustees, which highlights important sources of information to help you protect ‘at risk’ groups.

Safeguarding is a key governance priority for all charities, not just those working with groups traditionally considered at risk. You should proactively safeguard and promote the well-being and welfare of your beneficiaries (the people the charity is set up to help). You must take reasonable steps to make sure that beneficiaries and others who come into contact with the charity do not come to harm.

You can find out more about safeguarding in charities by reading:

Charity Commission strategy for dealing with safeguarding issues

This strategy covers how the Charity Commission works with the Charity sector and other  agencies to prevent safeguarding concerns arising, the regulatory role of the Charity  Commission in ensuring that trustees carry out their duties, and how it responds to allegations and reports of safeguarding incidents. The information is available through three  downloadable documents.

Safeguarding children and young people 

This guidance covers what safeguarding involves, what child protection policies and processes should include, and the Charity Commission role in ensuring charities follow the   law.

Our website gives an introduction to safeguarding and points at a number of resources that organisations can use to ensure that they are dealing with safeguarding appropriately .  Resources include a wealth of training available within Bedfordshire, through the Pan Bedfordshire Local Safeguarding Children Board, for organisations working with children and young people.  For small voluntary and community organisations,  CVS runs regular basic safeguarding awareness workshops free of charge.

You can find links to all these resources and more at


If you need support and advice regarding the governance or running of a voluntary group or charity in Bedfordshire, we are here to help you.  If you can not find the information you need in the Supporting pages of our website, please call us or email us with your query.

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